Army Air Corps Officer Gear

The Army Air Corps Officer’s standard issue 1911-A1 Colt, shown here with officer’s hat and various insignia worn by a major in the Air Corps. Also depicted are Sterling pilots wings, each officer had his own distinctive wings which identified his job; pilots, navigator, and bombardier.

The World War I design Colt 1911 was refined for use in WW-II as the model 1911A1. The John Browning design still featured the large, hard hitting .45 caliber round and 7 shot magazine. The 1911A1 semi automatic pistol operated via the pistol’s recoil to force the top slide backward to eject the spent casing and chamber the next round. During WW-II the 1911A1 was manufactured by numerous companies including Singer, Remington Rand, and Ithaca. The pistol shown is a 1943 Colt.

John Moses Browning, was the genius behind numerous weapons of the U.S. military. Not only did he design the .45, but the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) and .30 and .50 caliber machine guns used in the field, on vehicles, and tanks as well as on fighter and bomber aircraft.

See the 1911 web site for more on John Browning’s famous pistol.

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