Searching for heroes?

Dad’s platoon, your grandfather’s shipmates, or Uncle’s B-17 crew.



Due to the volume of Guestbook entries searching for information of family members this page provides some quick links. You are welcome to post your inquiry here, but its recommend you try some additional sources.


1.                  Try and contact the associated unit directly. Many have web sites, and are your best source of information.


2.        General Bulletin Boards


            WAE Message Board  


3.         How to Guides


            Dad’s War (a good site but the author has been sick for a few years now)


4.         Specific Sites


390th  - Great site and online information. Super Research Department



DESA - Destroyer Escort Sailors Association, Newsletter, Annual Reunions



O’Reilly  DE 330


             Contact:           Simeon J. Donahue

35 Sylvan Lane

Cheshire, CT  06410-3031           

            84th Division


                        British Website  Good site, historic photos, Guest book, no research information


                        84th Bulletin Board


Railsplitter Society - Newsletter includes Locator Column, Annual Reunions Membership directory available 


The Railsplitter Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 827
Sioux Falls, SD 57101-0827


American X Prisoners Of  War (AXPOW) Publishes a large membership directory (all wars)

American Ex-Prisoners of War
National Headquarters
3201 East Pioneer Parkway
Arlington, Texas 76010-5396